Ever found yourself dreaming of spending more time creating beautiful things and less time behind a desk?

Passionate about transforming original vintage into something contemporary and useable, the mother and daughter team behind Daisies Blue had the same thought and decided to do something about it.

Creating gifts and homewares from carefully sourced antiques and collectibles as well as handcrafting objects and decorations, Daisies Blue was set up by Gemma and her mum to breathe life into unused items. Gemma studied Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Leeds, after which she became a designer and teacher.

Gemma on what inspires her…

I am a designer, teacher and perfectionist. I have a background rooted in design and I take inspiration from the simplicity and beauty of everyday objects, however my true love is for vintage ephemera. I love nothing more than rummaging in antique shops, bazaars and markets to collect vintage items and surround myself with all things beautiful.

Daisies Blue Grande Poppy & Primrose Doily Bunting

The duo specialise in the traditional technique of crocheting and hand made doilies hold a special place in the heart of this family.


Gemma explains…

Our creative designs are inspired by antique styles from the past and incorporate the traditional technique of crochet. Hand crocheted doilies have a large place in our hearts and are lovingly rooted in our family history, which is why they are now at the centre of everything we do. 

Every intricate crochet doily and piece of antique lace has its own individual history and story; this adds an intriguing touch of mystery and nostalgia to our designs which is irreplaceable.

Daisies Blue Grande Poppy and Primrose Doily Bunting Daisies Blue Snowdrop and Magnolia Wedding Bunting by Metre

Making high quality and individual bunting, each piece is totally unique. Available in varied lengths and colours it can be in intricate or bold crochet designs, each length of doily bunting is bespoke to you and will make the perfect addition to your wedding day!

Daisies Blue Mr & Mrs Doily Bunting LettersDaisies Blue Vintage Crochet Doily Bunting Old Dresser

I hope you love what Daisies Blue have to offer just as much as I do, Jackie x

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