This is not the first time…and probably not the last, that I have completely missed Valentines Day!

Something very special happened this year though. My dresses were featured on one of the biggest wedding blogs in the UK, Rock n Roll Bride! I was approached by the fab photographer Sarah London who was organising a Valentines inspired shoot and wanted to use my dresses as alternative wedding dresses. I was over the moon that she had thought of me after crossing paths at a few wedding fairs.

After turning up on my front door step and bundling my dresses in her boot, she was off! All I knew was that it would be shot on a farm and it would be freezing! Sarah had managed to get some great suppliers in the wedding industry together and knew that they would come up with something rather spectacular. I waited with baited breath to see the result.

I was blown away by the images! Everyone had clearly worked really hard to pull this shoot together and the model looked stunning in my dresses! Styled shoots are there to show you what your chosen wedding suppliers can do with a little imagination and know how, so if you’ve ever thought “I can do that”, just be aware of all the hours spent searching for props, all the training to do hair and make-up, all the skill it takes to make beautiful and well made accessories and the clever skill and artistry it takes to capture it all on film. Sit back, take a breather and get the professionals in to style your day, cos then it just might turn out a little like this.

So here it is, A Very Late Valentine to you all…

Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography001 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography011 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography020 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography027 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography033 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography034 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography064 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography066 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography071 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography076 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography088 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography092 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography102 - Copy Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography135 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography140 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography141 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography143 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography150 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography165 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography166 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography169 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography195 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography199 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography202 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography206 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography213 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography214 Valentines_Styled_Shoot_SarahLondonPhotography217

Photography: Sarah London Photography Second assistant: Katie White Styling: Jasmine Orchard Dresses: Ooh! Mrs James Make Up: The Beauty Aisle Hair & Hair Accessories: Bespoke Tiaras by Sarah Roberts Venue & Food: The Garden Chef

Jackie x